Tuesday, February 28, 2017

learning to draw

greek 1 i've always been easily bored with observational drawing; my attention shifts from the object i should be carefully observing to the drawing i'm working on and before long i'm making up lines and shadows that aren't there. it comes from a fear, before i've even begun, of failing to make what i perceive to be a "good" drawing, even though i've long understood that the most beautiful drawings are made by people who draw from life, often and fearlessly, without worrying about the end result too much.greek 2
in a bid to conquer my fear and laziness, i'm practicing with greek sculpture because the graceful lines and subtle shadows lend themselves nicely to "just going for it" with a confident line and little worry of botching the proportions. i rather like that thick-necked drawing of caligula above - it's not accurate but it feels true.

social innovation in east asia

Social Innovation in East Asia Supplement: Japan
i have new work in the spring 2017 supplement to the stanford social innovation review: a map for the cover as well as four half page illustrations to accompany articles on social innovation in japan, hong kong, south korea and china. you can flip through the issue here to see them in context.Social Innovation in East Asia Supplement: Hong Kong
Social Innovation in East Asia Supplement: Korea Social Innovation in East Asia Supplement: China

Monday, February 13, 2017

a bit more of this palette

more of this color palette
just playing around a bit more with the colors from the image in my previous post. i'm going to use the bottom one for a new business card and the top for some stickers for packaging orders from my shop.

Saturday, February 11, 2017

women who draw

women who draw
my icon for women who draw, the rapidly growing new open directory created by julia rothman and wendy macnaughton "in an effort to increase the visibility of female illustrators, with an emphasis on female illustrators of color, LBTQ+, and other minority groups of female illustrators." i'm so amazed by the diversity of illustration styles featured in the directory - many that i'm familiar with, and so many more than i'm excited to discover. 

Friday, February 10, 2017

vintage teas

tea packaging USSR
i have a little time this week to take a breath between projects, so i've been painting some of my favorite tea packaging from the USSR. it started with just one, but i didn't realize how much i had missed painting just for myself and before i knew it i had painted three more. there's a lesson in there, that no matter how busy my days get, i need to take the time to paint even some dinky little thing for my own pleasure, just as a reminder of the meditative nature of painting tiny details - something that's easy to forget when the clock is ticking and the deadlines are looming.

Thursday, February 9, 2017

nude for planned parenthood

nude for planned parenthood
i've been an active supporter of planned parenthood for a couple of years, but after seeing images of people, many of them around my age and younger, gleefully wielding "shut down planned parenthood" signs at the march for life a couple of weeks ago, i want to be able to give more than my regular monthly contribution. no matter which side of the argument you're on, i don't think there's anything caring or good about loudly demanding the end of an organization that provides information, healthcare and support to men and women who often have nowhere else to turn.

all proceeds from my print "bath nude" will now be passed on to this important organization. thank you so much to those of you who already contributed and left messages of support with your order. for someone who uses social media to share very neutral content, it feels a little scary to speak up on controversial topics, but i've been very inspired by the voices that have come out from behind all of the beautiful artwork in the past weeks.  "i am more than my pretty pictures," says lisa congdon in a personal essay on her blog, and i totally second that.

beanstalk jack

"beanstalk jack" front "beanstalk jack" back "beanstalk jack" CD
jacket illustrations for the lovely folk rock opera "beanstalk jack" by brooklyn-based children's theater company paper canoe co. "a poor boy risks it all on magic beans. a bean stalk takes him to a castle in the sky owned by the giant who has been looting the land. amidst the many riches jack finds, he meets the giant's most coveted prize--his daughter... jack steals her heart and they run away together... and the rest is music." art direction and typography by erin bazos.