Friday, June 26, 2015

finding solace

finding solace flow magazine no. 4/2015 finding solace
finding solace
i illustrated an article on turning to nature, literature and other comforting things for solace during difficult times for the dutch edition of flow magazine, no. 4/2015.


Anne said...

Lovely work!

Jess said...

Beautiful work, the green is perfect evoking calm and peace! 😊

melissa. said...

Beautiful - I like the one of the lady in the bath. Glad to see you're illustrating for this magazine as I love both your and their work :)


Susanne Klabunde said...

I've waited for so long for new works by you, because they are ALWAYS a solace for me, if I am just sad or not :)

Nat said...

Your work is SO adorable!
I want this mag so bad. :D

Martha said...

Pretty! ♥ A friend just gave me an issue of Flow and I love it.