Wednesday, March 20, 2019

"LPBD: mary shelley" cover reveal

LPBD Mary Shelley cover
i spent most of my artist residency working on the interior illustrations for this book, little people, big dreams: mary shelley by maria isabel sanchez vegara. i have admired this series of books for years and finally got my chance to work on one, and about such an interesting person! the book will be published first in spanish and catalan by alba editorial, and comes out in english on october 1st (available for pre-order now). i can't wait to share the illustrations inside!

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

hand building with clay

after trying the potter's wheel at still life ceramics for the first time last spring, i decided to give hand building a go and, as i had suspected, it turned out to be much more my speed. i felt more in control over the clay in my hands, which resulted in a handful of objects that were shaped more or less like i intended, whereas on the wheel i seemed incapable of making anything other than one type of chunky bowl. i also found that hand building feels very therapeutic for the mind as well as the hands, so i think i will be taking another class when i get a chance. i can't have enough tiny vessels in my life! (the kurinuki carving method (the two sake cups seen here) was probably my favorite, so satisfying.)

p.s. boris and i made a little stop motion featuring them!

Saturday, March 2, 2019


a portrait of the resident housecat (boatcat? houseboatcat?) tora from my residency in sausalito. this painting will remain on the houseboat as a part of varda residency's private collection.