Sunday, May 20, 2018

a new medium

ceramics class
boris and i took a beginners' pottery class at the lovely, recently opened studio still life ceramics last month, and although frustration ran high as bowl after bowl fell apart at the wheel, we were miraculously able to to bring home a handful of wonky friends.

although my patience is abundant when it comes to painting in miniature, it runs out surprisingly quickly when i try to learn a challenging new medium. no matter how much i tell myself that i'm just here to have fun and try something new, i have a very hard time overcoming the dejection of failing and failing again. still, rather than turn me off of pottery forever, the experience sparked a small flame of desire to keep trying, at least until i can make thinner walls or a decent foot on a bowl (or anything other than a bowl, for that matter). i think i will sign up for a hand-building class next to see if that suits me better than the wheel.

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Susanne Klabunde said...

Oh wow, very nice for the forst try! I love the sprinkled one :)