Monday, January 22, 2018

julia child

julia child
new work for the kitchn! "julia child's simple trick for perfect poached eggs every time" by kelli foster. thanks again to AD samantha bolton, who recommended i watch a segment of the french chef called "elegance with eggs" as my research for this illustration. i did and loved every minute of it - what a unique lady she was. i spent a little too much time tinkering with her face to get the likeness right, but i think she turned out pretty well, with a hint of susan boyle and a little jack lemmon in some like it hot in there, too.

ask the vet

pets at home 1
pets at home 2
these illustrations appear in the winter 2017-18 issue of my VIP magazine from UK pet store pets at home in a feature called "ask the vet." the magazine should be available now at any pets at home store, and is free for VIP members.
                                       pets at home 3