Wednesday, March 8, 2017

new work in flow magazine

chillin'these illustrations appear in the latest dutch issue of flow magazine (no. 2/2017) next to an article by otje van der lelij called "omgaan met groot verdriet ("coping with great sadness") about the different things one can do to deal with grief and loss.
walk in the park flow spread
when i painted them i was really in the mood for these sun-dried pinks, sages and terra cotta colors and now - having discovered that thanks to madewell's new collection i can wear them, too - i'm ready for these hues to lead me into summer days...
madewell colors
(clockwise from top left: scarf / bag / tank / necklace / bag / shorts / shoes)


Magpie DV said...

Just a drawing enthusiast and art lover wanting to say I think you're a brilliant artist and I appreciate the thoughtful, detailed insights into your process and journey that you give on your website!

I was at the Strand on Saturday when I spotted the sweetest prissy-looking unicorn, full of doofy personality, on the face of a pink thank you card... After agonizing over whether to get it or not, texting it to my boyfriend, and leaving, I finally came back on Sunday and bought two of the smirking dudes. Moving out of the city soon but once we're done with the shuffle I may get it as a proper print for closet/dressing area also. Your work is so expressive and witty--ove the winking reference to the Unicorn in Captivity tapestry. Thank you!

Raghad said...