Tuesday, February 28, 2017

social innovation in east asia

Social Innovation in East Asia Supplement: Japan
i have new work in the spring 2017 supplement to the stanford social innovation review: a map for the cover as well as four half page illustrations to accompany articles on social innovation in japan, hong kong, south korea and china. you can flip through the issue here to see them in context.Social Innovation in East Asia Supplement: Hong Kong
Social Innovation in East Asia Supplement: Korea Social Innovation in East Asia Supplement: China


Susanne Klabunde said...

Oh wow, that's interesting! Although you use your usual color palette it looks completely different from your usual style. And they changed some dots and shapes to yellow in the magazin - maybe that looks more asian :D

yelena bryksenkova said...

Although the art director liked my limited color palette, he asked me to add all that yellow at the last minute by request of the Chinese client who sponsored the supplement - I didn't like it so I'm keeping it like this in my portfolio. This was a challenge, SSIR is not a typical client for me so coming up with these concepts was a little intimidating!