Tuesday, February 28, 2017

learning to draw

greek 1 i've always been easily bored with observational drawing; my attention shifts from the object i should be carefully observing to the drawing i'm working on and before long i'm making up lines and shadows that aren't there. it comes from a fear, before i've even begun, of failing to make what i perceive to be a "good" drawing, even though i've long understood that the most beautiful drawings are made by people who draw from life, often and fearlessly, without worrying about the end result too much.greek 2
in a bid to conquer my fear and laziness, i'm practicing with greek sculpture because the graceful lines and subtle shadows lend themselves nicely to "just going for it" with a confident line and little worry of botching the proportions. i rather like that thick-necked drawing of caligula above - it's not accurate but it feels true.


Jen Collins said...

love love love!

yelena bryksenkova said...

Thank you, Jen! <3

Missouri Bend Paper Works said...

Just rediscovered your work via the issue of Flow magazine I have in my hand. Found you on Etsy and turns out I'd already favorited your shop. I have the same issues with drawing from observation....always have, even in art school. I easily become bored and before I know it, I'm just drawing my own version of things! Your work is delightful and shows the observations you make of life coming through in the marks of your own hands. Cheers! Patti from MissouriBendStudio