Monday, January 30, 2017

support the international refugee assistance project (IRAP)

New prints in my shop - support IRAP
to all of the men and women around the world who have been going out and making your voices heard in the last weeks - thank you, your passion is contagious and inspiring.

as someone who belongs to the largest group of refugees to come to the united states in the last three decades - the hundreds of thousands of russian jews who sought to start a new life after the fall of the soviet union - i wish for those fleeing much more horrific circumstances to be given the chance to start anew, just like my family and i were back in 1996.

because just crying angry tears helps neither myself nor anyone else, i'd like to take my first steps to helping the cause. i added two new prints to my shop - "the boot" and "the fan"; both are on 5x7" off white, hot press paper with a weight of 330g/m2. They are $15 each and all proceeds from their sale will go to the international refugee assistance project (IRAP). thank you!