Wednesday, July 13, 2016

night walk, and an update

night walk
it's been almost four years since my absolutely random move to new haven, connecticut. uncertain about my decision at the time, i now thank my lucky stars for giving me the courage to say yes to the unknown. i found real magic in the much-scorned little town, and a really unexpected circle of friends, consisting entirely of graduate students from the yale school of architecture. even more unexpectedly, i found the kind of love that only comes along once in a lifetime, if ever. and together we are moving on to yet another secondary city (i have a real soft spot for them now): buffalo, new york. i'm still setting up my studio and getting adjusted to our new life, but i'm determined to find all of the magic i just know it has to offer.


JKemper said...

This is beautiful. The illustration and story. Wishing I had the courage to say yes to the unknown :)

Mimi Zorz said...

good luck, lovely post!