Monday, January 18, 2016

little thing 2015

little thing 1 - daily outfits i've been featured in china's little thing magazine before, but this time they put together a whole feature on my daily life, work and favorite things. i even had to stage a little photoshoot of my daily outfits, which was definitely a new experience for me, usually being the one behind the camera.
little thing 6
tiny menagerie: animal planter by keep company ceramics; elephant by masuko jo; tiger by jen collins. the others are all finds from antique markets and shops.
little thing 5
bathroom shelf: a tiny glass bottle from a shop in portland, maine; my jo malone fragrance in peony & suede blush; head planter by kaye blegvad; cat ring dish and crossed fingers by jen collins; a very round stone i found in israel; two spiderweb jaspers from the yale peabody museum of natural history, which i love because they look like japanese ink drawings.
little thing - daily outfits little thing 4
a corner of my studio with edward gorey books, plants and a painting by becca stadtlander.
below: at my computer desk and a palmistry hand that holds my favorite jewelry.
little thing 2 little thing magazine


Jess said...

Lovely photos! It's great to see the maker and to have a little glimpse into your home, it's beautiful.xx

Mimi Zorz said...

Lovely lady in a lovely house

Mary Jo said...

Congratulations! I admire your lovely work, and it is always delightful to learn more about creative people's lives and their space. Keep up the good work, and wishing you all the best in this new year!