Tuesday, December 16, 2014

the russian landscape

 photo ruslandscape1_zps22f21e15.jpg  photo ruslandscape2_zps08e4fbf8.jpg
 photo ruslandscape3_zps2623a0c3.jpg  photo ruslandscape8_zpsb41b0f1a.jpg  photo ruslandscape4_zps1ba08231.jpg  photo ruslandscape6_zpsb466247b.jpg  photo ruslandscape10_zpsc2b04a12.jpg pskov
“--while the sun and wind played gently in its spreading branches; the bells of the donskoy monastery would sometimes float across--tranquil and sad--and i would sit and gaze and listen, and would be filled with a nameless sensation which had everything in it; sorrow and joy, a premonition of the future, and desire, and fear of life.” (ivan turgenev, first love)

images 1-7: mikhailovskoye; final image: pskov (2012)


Miss Rosette Brune said...

lovely pictures, the forrest is my
favourite x

Julia Dinan said...

These are so super Russian! The flowers look like they've come out of the pages of 1970s 'юный натуралист'

Anonymous said...

Wow, incredible. Yelena- what sort of camera do you use? These just look so amazing!

yelena bryksenkova said...

thank you, tricia! they're actually just iphone pictures with a little bit of VSCOcam enhancement!