Thursday, November 20, 2014

la fiesta de la señora dalloway

mrs. dalloway by yelena bryksenkova
mrs. dalloway by yelena bryksenkova i finally have a copy of mrs. dalloway's party! it's a beautifully designed edition, although rather difficult to come by if you don't live in a spanish-speaking country. the best part about it is that it's a companion piece to un cuarto propio (a room of one's own), illustrated by my best friend becca stadtlander.


Susanne Klabunde said...
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Susanne Klabunde said...

Dear Yelena, congratulations for your publication in Taschen's, this is really nice to read. And I love your Dalloway-illustrations, hope that there will be soon an english or german version as pretty as that one :)

Amanda M. said...

This edition is so beautiful. I wish English editions of books had more illustrations in them/were this pretty.