Wednesday, April 30, 2014


mrs. dalloway's party by yelena bryksenkova
an interior spread from la fiesta de la señora dalloway. there were only so many hours i could spend researching and drawing london scenes before i, too, felt the need to go to bond street and buy the gloves myself. so i'll be in london next week, may 7-15th, hoping (perhaps a little over-ambitiously) to find the time for all of the things i want to do and all of the people i want to see!


Ainolopa St. said...

Wish I was in London next week. Enjoy your time there!

Paprika said...

Hope you have a brilliant time in London! Loving the illustrationxx

Anne said...

love the drawing. This is a dream commission for both you and Mrs. D

Would love to see you do a series of such classics