Thursday, February 20, 2014

paperless post: drawing room confessions

my hand drawn interview with paperless post is on the company's blog today, as part of the newly launched collection of e-cards in collaboration with red cap cards. you can now send a card by any of the red cap artists digitally (with a matching virtual envelope). drawing room confessions

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

enormous tiny art show no. 15

 photo portsmouth2014_zps0c14195d.jpg
my third time in portsmouth was the best yet. as my bus left snowy new hampshire behind, i recalled the previous twenty-four hours in one happy blur: people pouring in and out of the gallery, a sparkling evening with new friends, the clear night sky, a good night's sleep, the best breakfast on earth, conversations with friendly strangers and just the hearty, fresh-aired new england-ness of it all. i left feeling happy and inspired, my spring wound enough to get me through the remainder of winter with courage and good cheer. so many warm thanks to deb, allie and michael! five tiny paintings are available for sale in person at nahcotta gallery as well as online