Sunday, January 19, 2014

recent acquisitions

 photo childrens-books2_zps6545ad09.jpg
my souvenir of choice when i travel abroad is children's books by authors and illustrators native to that country; in addition to the beautiful illustration, typography and design of the books, i just enjoy the look of other languages, especially if the type is hand drawn. here are some of the latest additions to my collection, clockwise from top:

jon klassen's i want my hat back (not foreign, but a prized possession); grautardalls saga, a collection of icelandic tales illustrated by sigurborg stefánsdóttir, which i picked up in reykjavík a couple of years ago; from montréal: french canadian papa, maman, nos livres et moi by danielle marcotte, illustrated by josée bisaillon; aino pervik's paula aabits, illustrated by piret raud (found in tallinn); jukka itkonen's krokotiili hikoaa, illustrated by matti pikkujämsä (from helsinki); and the only book on this list which i purchased online (after much coveting) is the exquisite à quoi penses-tu? written and illustrated by laurent moreau.


Anonymous said...

А какие-нибудь наши советские книжки-малышки у вас в коллекции есть?:)

yelena bryksenkova said...

есть, много есть! в следующий раз покажу и расскажу :)


Isis said...

what a great souvenir idea! i dont plan to have children so i don't think i could explain a whole bunch of kids books to anyone, but i still love the idea.