Tuesday, January 21, 2014

ready for portsmouth

 photo eta15_6_zpse1c1408a.jpg

the final painting for the enormous tiny art show. and here they all are, with frames in the vintage sable finish from the always reliable, salt lake city-based signed & numbered:

 photo eta15_framed_zpsc62450d6.jpg

 photo eta15_framed2_zps727e5c2f.jpg
the mats, which have circular windows, overlap the edge of the paintings and fit into the frame with such satisfying perfection that i can barely stand it. like a puzzle seamlessly coming together - amazing, amazing!


Trev said...

Big fan of the enormous tiny art show! Looking forward to see your stuff (and everything else) in a couple of weeks!

Martina Visnjic art said...

Love it!

Melissa Halley said...

Very beautiful!

Andrea Streva said...

Awww! I love your art! ^^

Hila said...

You have no idea how much I want to buy one of these right now - I put 'Bookshelf' and 'Autumn Fruit' in the cart, before reminding myself that I have $4000+ moving costs to pay for now (I'm moving to England, along with my cat). So yeah, I'll have to settle for prints. One day though, I'll own one of your paintings. I really love the Autumn Fruit one, so beautiful.

Jasmine Mirra said...

You are very good!
It's always beautiful here!

silvia beneforti said...

I just discovered your wonderful illustrations and I say you "wow", I'm so happy to know your pieces of art, thanks!!!