Wednesday, September 11, 2013

red cap feature + nahcotta news

 photo studio_blog4_zps9d6b8a46.jpg red cap cards shines their artist spotlight on me and my work in a new interview, wherein i reveal my secondary career choice (if the whole illustration thing didn't work out)!

hundreds of people trickled in and out of nahcotta gallery at last friday's opening. portsmouth was alive and magical in the cool evening air, even more charming than it was in february. three paintings are still up for sale.


Anne said...

Enjoyed the interview!

Are you kidding about your other career choice? If not I would say do stuff like that while you are indeed young! lol

felicita said...

i just love your work. and what a beautiful interview. i could really identify with your migration experience, and it really shows in your images. just lovely.

yelena bryksenkova said...

thank you, felicita :)

it's no joke! i have seriously looked into becoming a flight attendant a few years ago, in case i changed my mind about being an illustrator.


Anne said...

I wish you could do both... being flight attendant is alot of work and it needs youth.

Looking at 60 next year, I have learned youth beats experience.

Forget the experience stuff. One still screams like a four year old...but a 4 year old with bad knees and crows

ENJOY your youth dear :)It's not like money in the bank and will stay put if one is frugal