Wednesday, September 18, 2013

london fashion week SS14

LFW_SS14_2 it's london fashion week, and i'm a contributing illustrator for amelia's magazine again, like in the old days! i've been experimenting with digital collage quite a bit due to the quick turnaround, as well as the multitude of shiny textiles - which i simply don't know how to replicate with watercolor - appearing in a lot of the shows. so far i've illustrated amelia's reviews of ekaterina kukhareva, bernard chandran, holly fulton and orla kiely, as well as maria papadimitriou's review of lug von siga.


Anne said...

These are amazing. I love the straw in the field... and the frosted glass like background in the first one...frames the figures very interestingly... you work and fashion illustration have a natural fit

Anonymous said...

Your fashion illustrations are beautiful, I wish more magazines would use illustrators rather than photographs of clothes.
I studied fashion at college and part of that included fashion illustration. I used to use gum arabic on top of my watercolours to create a shiny look and then gently dab at it in small areas with the tip of a wet brush to remove the arabic before adding a lighter high light. Not sure if that technique would be of any use.

yelena bryksenkova said...

thanks, anne!

thanks so much for the advice! i'd like to try that. i wonder if the shiny look is retained during scanning?


LiLLy Vigna said...

I love your work:)
I follow you!!!:)))



Hastypearl said...

Sorry. I'm afraid your fashion models are way too fat;) lol Laura

Susanne Klabunde said...

Hey Yelena, one tip for leaving some glitter-like highlights in structures: You can use a (white) candle, with a not too smooth surface, to scratch on the paper with it. Some particles of the wax will stay on the paper, but the watercolor on it won't. I think the golden top on the left above could be imitated with that technique very well.