Wednesday, June 12, 2013

process video

i might share my work process for more elaborate paintings later on in a series of step-by-step photographs, but for now, here is a quick video of me drawing a little horse. music: alexei rybnikov, "vertolet" (1978)

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

assateague island

 photo assateague2_zpsf3aade59.jpg
“ for him, it was liberating to be alone, small amidst the vast universe.” (tove jansson, moominpappa at sea)

this weekend i went camping on assateague island, off the coast of maryland. among the free-roaming wild ponies and nocturnal, funny ghost crabs that scuttle sideways and burrow in the sand to escape the light, i felt i grasped what it means to come face to face with "the sublime." the constant roar and crash of the ocean, a strong wind that violently whipped my little tent all through the night, and when the clouds above our campfire parted to reveal countless glittering stars and even the faint glow of the milky way - all of these things inspired wonder, but also fear of what our planet is capable of and how helpless we really are against it. it's something to consider the next time i need a little perspective.