Monday, March 11, 2013

light and darkness

 photo BlackRabbitbyYelenaBryksenkova_zps53152768.jpg
someone recently described my work as dark and spooky, even nightmarish, although it seems to evoke warmth and comfort for most others. both aspects are essential to the way i perceive the world, and i always wrestle with myself: which side should i show? but if two people can see such different things in one image, perhaps quiet domesticity and peaceful repose are perfectly compatible with magical, unsettling darkness. i don't mind, anyway.


Jess said...

I don't know where they got the 'nightmare' idea from! I love all your work, show both sides (if there are two!) Come to think of it, we are likely to have lots of sides. :)

Lisa Perrin said...

Oh pretty please, say this will be available as a print! My pet bunny and I would love it.

KnittingPony said...

I think some illustrations can have a mysterious quality, which I love. I also really enjoy the small details in the more domestic pieces. Your work is fascinating. Thank you for sharing.

yuliacrystal said...

it's very recognisable, for some reason

this particular work, anyway =)

like one of those dreams, you sort of remember, but can't really place

Patricia Picard said...

Hi! I am a big fan of your work and it is so interesting because it is precisely what I admire you for. Each illustration have something delicate, like fine lace, something girly with the details and the colors, it is shiny. But also, and this is what I adore, there is something mysterious, maybe nightmarish! Continue your mysterious art!

Olive xox

Melissa de la Fuente said...

Long time fan of your gorgeous work. I was wondering, do you think you will end up having a print of this piece, in your shop? Thanks so much!

Anonymous said...

Совершенно случайно наткнулась на Ваши работы и они волшебные. Честно говоря, мало работ вызывают у меня мурашки, ну помимо Моне и Ренуара :-)
Не знаю, зачем я все это пишу, но хочется сказать Вам большое человеческое "спасибо", особенно за то, что настроение даже меняется после просмотра ваших работ.
Желаю творческих успехов!

yelena bryksenkova said...

thank you for the input, everyone! since it's impossible for me to look at my work objectively, it is very interesting for me to hear about others' interpretations, and especially your emotional reactions. even if they aren't positive!

lisa and melissa:
i just listed a print of this in my shop and cc'd you two on twitter, where you're more likely to see this message :)

мне очень приятно. благодарю вас за тёплую реакцию на мои работы и за то, что вы выделили время, чтобы написать мне об этом!