Sunday, March 24, 2013

autochrome lumière

 photo alfonse-van-besten_zpsdcbd695c.jpg
 photo alfonse-van-besten-2_zps7b385974.jpg
it's been a long time since i've come across something so beautiful that it makes me feel restless. i recently discovered autochrome photography thanks to "edwardian opulence," the current exhibition at the yale center for british art, and since then i've been poring over various online collections, still finding it strange to accept that like ours, life one hundred years ago was lived in color. my favorite photographs, like the two above, are by belgian photographer alfonse van besten (1865-1926). his subjects are just like the dream-muses of j.w. waterhouse, with flushed cheeks and flowers that seem more real and fragrant than real flowers. ever looking to possess at least some aspect of the kind of beauty that causes me unrest, i'm thinking about how just something of the essence of these photographs can be translated into my watercolors. (images from here)


Anne said...

IT's amazing how much colour photography was done back wasn't common, but certainly known. Such as Prokudin-Gorskii tasking colour photo all over Russia 100 + years ago . Great images, thanks!

Miss Rosette Brune said...

so beautiful and dreamy

yelena bryksenkova said...

when i saw those prokudin-gorskii photographs a couple of years ago, that was when i first learned that color photography began way earlier than i realized. it blew my mind at the time! still does, in fact.


Kerri-Ann Hulme said...

It's truly fascinating, thank you for sharing these wonderful photographs x