Sunday, August 5, 2012

black river

off to saint petersburg tomorrow and until the 24th of august. i'm closing my shop for vacation, so if you'd like to place an order please do so by 1 pm EST tomorrow!


sheila said...

have a wonderful time, yelena, i'll just dream about russia over here, until you get back and draw it all. :)

Ann said...

Елена, удачной поездки!
Этим летом я была в Питере впервые, и должна сказать, это замечательный город. Завидую вам :)

ellie d said...

hey, i dig your work a lot and hope st. petersburg is good to you!
a little crit: watch out for the size of your heads on your figures! i've noticed that sometimes they are really small. maybe a stylistic thing, but it can come off as a little amateur too (