Monday, May 28, 2012

le temps des copains et de l'aventure

it's been a week since i've settled in my little corner of brooklyn. i can see the verrazano bridge from my window and gravesend bay is just a few blocks away, so the summer breeze occasionally brings a sea-salty smell. at night, those windows across the way light up just like in my drawings.

tomorrow morning i'm off to kentucky for b's wedding (yes, i can barely contain my happiness), and from there straight to ohio for two weeks. i have a weekend pass to the WMC fest, so if anyone happens to be in cleveland june 8-10, come say hello! (my pal tuesday bassen will be speaking at the festival on sunday) i'll pull most items from my shop until june 14th, but take along some postcard sets and elephants, just in case.


Hila said...

Have fun an Becca's wedding, and give her a hug from me (to say congratulations)!


Barbara said...

I wish you a great start in Brooklyn! And happy & save travels!