Tuesday, April 3, 2012

fairytale postcards

eight of my illustrations from fairytale food (available in the US next week) can now be purchased from my shop as a set of postcards!

in other news: 1.) here is a small interview with me by soraia martins 2.) "elephant dream" made a cameo appearance in clare edwards' room on canadian TV show degrassi!


Jenny Frith said...

beautiful postcards. beautiful packaging too!

Sreetama said...

Super stuff, Yelena!
Congratulations on your TV spot ;)

Mimi Illustration said...

I really would like a copy too any chance to get it in uk ?

yelena bryksenkova said...

thanks, guys!

mimi, if you mean the book - it's available on amazon.co.uk and probably all major bookstores in the UK. as for the postcard set, everything in my shop ships internationally: etsy.me/HQWSiQ :)


Sampson and Lorrie said...

Yelena, we are new bloggers and really enjoyed seeing your beautiful postcards! Your Etsy shop is lovely too. Wonderful use of fantasy and storybook. Thank you for sharing your work :)

Labor Posters said...

I really really love this postcards and I would like to have a copy too!

Anne said...

I got the set of cards today and love them. WHAT A DEAL!!! ( okay I just had to say that)

Thank you Yelena!

Anonymous said...

Yelena! Your work is beautiful. You are an inspiration! I follow your blog alot because I love your ilustrations. I can look at your whole blog for hours! :)

Maheswari Janarthanan said...


I would love to buy the Postcard set but they are sold! any chance of making them again any time sooner?? pls say yes! :) love! love! your works! pls let me know.

yelena bryksenkova said...

i just renewed them in my shop!

thank you,