Sunday, April 29, 2012

life is elsewhere

hanky panky
oh by the way, i'm moving to new york city in three weeks. i've always been one of those people who swear they would never do such a thing, but i'm also the sort of person who gives myself permission to change my mind. the london-based creative agency YCN has just opened a new york office - headed by tuesday bassen - and i'm going to be on its talent roster! last week, the new chapter officially launched with a private exhibition at a lovely ted baker ltd. store in new york's meatpacking district: "entitled a baker's dozen, the show presented the work of 13 YCN illustrators, each visualizing a quintessentially british expression" (mine was hanky panky, above). the show will be up and open to the public until may 23rd (here is the press release and some photos from the opening).
thanks for the warm welcome, new york!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

fairytale postcards

eight of my illustrations from fairytale food (available in the US next week) can now be purchased from my shop as a set of postcards!

in other news: 1.) here is a small interview with me by soraia martins 2.) "elephant dream" made a cameo appearance in clare edwards' room on canadian TV show degrassi!

Monday, April 2, 2012

ELLEgirl korea

ELLEgirl korea
my desk and a small interview in the current anniversary issue of ELLEgirl korea (the questions were about my first impressions of the magazine and what images i associate with it).