Thursday, February 16, 2012

czech sports stars of tomorrow

all about the up-and-coming girl athletes of the czech republic in the february/march issue of prague's men/women only. they are: denisa rosolová (athletics), dominika šteglová (floorball), šárka pančochová (snowboard), markéta audyová (yachting), kateřina cachová (heptathlon), kateřina elhotová (basketball), and veronika vítková (biathlon).

i love the opportunities to learn about new things from very specific jobs like this. now i know what kind of shoes olympic yachters wear and how to draw a biathlon rifle!


Anonymous said...

Yelli! these are great! PS i have a new blog for you to follow.. hint: it's mine haha i'll txt u what it is later :)
-YDK ;)

sheila said...


Hila said...

That's so cool Yelena :) I had no idea about all this either.

Claire said...

what fun!! you learn while creating gorgeous images - a true win/win!
i esp. love the colour combos :)

Irene said...

I really, really love this!