Monday, December 19, 2011

shop talk

thank you to those of you who came to the MICA art market, bought my stuff, and stopped to talk to me! and to the people who buy prints from my shop; it's such a thrill to label envelopes with your addresses, from california to ontario to new south wales.

i had little pinback buttons made for art market (you can now buy them here) and since i got quite a positive response to my holiday cards, i'll get to work on designing some for other occasions as well.


hila said...

yay to more cards! I really love your cards - especially when you consider how many tacky ones there are around this time of year :)

yelena bryksenkova said...

yay thank you, hila! (psst: there's one on its way to you!)


E.V. said...

I absolutely loved your cards too! Especially the one with the winter scene.

-Ekaterina V.

Anonymous said...

these are beautiful. and I can't wait to see more cards!!!

darcy dubose said...

These are perfection! I'll be adding them to my collection soon I'm sure.