Wednesday, November 9, 2011

cat nap

the original "cat nap" has been sold (in fact our whole show sold out on BSDA in the first week - thank you!) but you can now purchase a print of it in my shop!


Laura said...

it's lovely!

Zyzanna said...

so cuute!

Anonymous said...

You probably won't see this comment, but I wanted to leave it anyway. Your illustrations are so beautiful and evocative. This one struck me right in the heart and brought tears to my eyes.

It calls to mind early autumn evenings at my grandmother's dacha and my childhood and collecting wood for the fire and drinking hot tea with sweet cherries and woolen slippers and telling stories while huddled under blankets. And also, somehow, that final haunting scene in Tarkovsky's Stalker.

Thank you.


yelena bryksenkova said...


thank you for your beautiful comment. this whole series was inspired by my grandparents' dacha, certain images and feelings that are branded on my mind forever. it's from a time that i can never bring back, and this is a sentiment that often occupies my thoughts. you have no idea how much it means to me when other people can see and feel my private memories and emotions when they look at my work, especially when it's someone that understands my background. thank you so much for letting me know.


Qin Leng said...

oooh, this is absolutely gorgeous! I love your simple perspective and choice of colours! ur illustration are so gentle and soft!

the wild bunches said...

Gorgeous, as always.