Wednesday, May 4, 2011


in february, i drew eight people (of my choice) featured on NYC fashion blog StyleLikeU (that's burberry model max hurd wearing his favorite peruvian sweater in the bottom right). here is a slideshow + interview.

*all of the "SLU sittings" series seems to be missing on the website at the moment, so the link appears broken. maybe they posted mine and decided the project wasn't worth it after all


Julienne Mei said...

loving the patterns :)

becca said...

That insect wallpaper is delightful.

Anke said...

These are so perfect!

Agustin said...

I'm so in love with your style and techniques!

Nekocherry said...


skwak said...

looove these drawings. I interviewed with them and exchanged a bunch of emails with them, but yeah, it does seem like they've given up on the project.

I loooove your work, by the way. with 4 o's!

Sreetama said...

it's been so long! Where are you and more importantly, what are you working on? :)

yelena bryksenkova said...


i know i know, i promise i am working on things! there should be many updates soon; all i've been doing hasn't been published yet.

coming soon: a recent illustration for BUST magazine, another for a czech magazine (as soon as i get the print copy - actually, i think i'll share that asap), some fashion illustrations just for fun, maybe a sketchbook page.