Monday, May 23, 2011

india ink


sometimes, it's good to just let loose.


Kim said...

I don't tell you it enough but seriously i'm in awe! x

Sreetama said...

Yelena! the link to the photo is broken! can't see it :(

Sreetama said...

Ok, Ok, gotit.
Oooooo nice!

Lily Labyrinth said...

This illustration is perfect! Lykke Li's latest album is also pretty perfect :D x

María Jesús Guarda said...

Very Nice!!

Katie said...

wow i knew it was lykki before i saw the name,you sure know how to caputure the spirt of things yelena.

yelena bryksenkova said...

thanks for the positive feedback, everyone! i guess it really is okay to let go and forget about trying to get things to perfection sometimes.

@katie that is REALLY great to hear, it's a skill i hope to develop more


Denise Scicluna said...

love it! and i love her!

Miguel Galván said...

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!!

I love Lykke Li.