Wednesday, May 18, 2011

cigar smoking for girls

"deep inhale, sweet exhale": cigar-smoking guide for ladies in czech magazine "men/women only."
by jan pomuk štěpánek, art director petra kubíkova.

my mini bio at the start of the magazine says: "i was born in saint petersburg, and now live in baltimore. i studied illustration at MICA as well as prague's VŠUP. my favorite place in prague is a secret yellow field near bílá hora."


Becca said...

Amazing. This made me laugh out loud.

Sreetama said...

@becca: So weird, me too! Especially when i saw the close up. Of course I can't understand what is written, but she just looks so intense in an adorably inexperienced way!
yelena: This is why i love your work, really.

Shurupchik said...

Илюстраторка))) Czech makes me laugh))

Abigail Shaw said...

I love your illustration in this spread so much! An article on cigar smoking, I love the things illustrators run into. :)

yelena bryksenkova said...

i'm glad you found it funny. the actual art direction was to draw a very sweet, fragile-looking girl with a tough cigar-smoking face on