Saturday, February 12, 2011

the place where i am happy

issue № 4 of oh comely magazine made it to my mailbox nearly two months after departing london's biscuit factory studios. i have a full page illustration to accompany jane flett's essay "the place where i am happy."
and this sunny day brought some other good news: z and i both got into the society of illustrators student competition this year! i will frame and send alice and the ziegfeld girl off to new york city for the exhibition in may.


suffragette said...

love your illustration for oh comely! congrats on the society of illustrators competition -that's exciting! love your ziegfeld girls... :) love your blouse too, btw. :)

Whimsically Random said...

Congrats. I love that illo in Oh Comely, beautiful :)

Бистра said...

love your outfit :-)

Barbara said...

Congratulations! I just love love your work and your style, you are so inspiring and talented.

Lesley Barnes said...

yay! it's and ace magazine.....and its always super special to see your work in print!

think I'm in the next issue eek!

Emma Louise said...

I bought this a couple of weeks ago, and saw your illustrations, nice magazine too :)

Denise Schwenck said...

Congratulations Yelena! You have a wonderful work! I've been following your blogs for a while! love everything!
have a nice day!:)