Sunday, January 23, 2011


this weekend i took a bus up to new york city to visit darling c, who just made the bold move from north carolina to brooklyn (i highly recommend her beautiful photoblog about it).

in exactly 24 hours, we: ate beautiful desserts in eataly market, browsed books at the strand, met with a dear old friend, slept like logs then greeted the new day from brooklyn bridge, ate pork buns in chinatown, found me a dress for the london launch party at anthropologie, ate trendy rice pudding in soho, saw pretty quilts at the american folk art museum, visited my elephants at urban outfitters, stopped for fika in true swedish style at a swedish café called fika, and even fit in a little people-watching at MoMA. for the casual visitor, new york feels like a giant playground, so i consider it such a luxury to now have close friends there.


Miss B. said...

Sounds like the most fabulous of days! And your artwork looks splendid.

meghan said...

I love the elephant picture. It sounds like so much fun!

Lesley Barnes said...

cannot tell you how much I love the elephant...urban outfitters must export it to glasgow immediately!