Monday, January 10, 2011

laura marling

the lovely english folk singer-songwriter laura marling for amelia's best albums of 2010. i was very tempted to draw her white hair and barely-there eyebrows, but since this is about her latest album and she is a brunette now, i thought it best to respect the change. (listening to "new romantic" )


Kim said...

Hello I'm one of you silent follower but i thought i'd tell how much of a fan i am of yours. I show everyone your work. You are probably my favourite illustration blog :)

I love this. I love laura. I loved her brunette, she is back to her iconic white hair now again. It's a shame i liked it dark. Anyway i think you show send this to her, i think she would love it.


yelena bryksenkova said...

aw man she's blonde again?! darn it. ah well. i listened to her music while working on it and i have to say, she is just precious.

thank you so much for the kind note, kim. that really makes me smile and be glad to share my work!


Ann said...

Привет, Елена! Я тоже одна из ваших silent followers, но я не могла не поблагодарить вас за ваше творчество. Я обожаю все ваши работы, но я особенно благодарна за этот пост и ссылку на сайт Лоры. Я бы никогда не узнала о такой замечательной исполнительнице, не будь вашего блога. Спасибо :)

ybryksenkova said...

спасибо! мне очень приятно. я сама узнала про ее музыку благодаря этому заданию!