Sunday, January 30, 2011

amelia's compendium of fashion illustration

i sadly missed the launch, but i finally have the book in my hands! amelia's compendium of fashion illustration features 30 fashion illustrators and 45 fashion designers to promote the best in ethical fashion and jewelry design. the book was printed in kent, united kingdom with vegetable-based inks, and is not just a joy to look through, but also very pleasant to hold, touch (and smell).
my illustrations are spread out over ten pages, but my favorites are the ones printed alongside an interview with isobel davies, founder of yorkshire-based knitwear company izzy lane, which i am very proud to represent. there is also a two-page interview with me, in which amelia gregory has lovingly changed my "colors" to "colours," and my "favorites" to "favourites."

i am honored (honoured) to be a part of this project and i look forward to more exciting opportunities in the future! (do purchase the book here, £20 / $32)


Lesley Barnes said...

and just look how incredibly ace your pages are! some of my favs in the book.... yay for sheep!

Patty said...

Lovely! Big congratulations ---

suffragette said...

Yelena, wow! what an beautiful book and it was lovely to watch your video, and learn more about what inspires you and see your amazing illustrations - congratulations!!

yelena bryksenkova said...

thank you all!

shaila - i'm glad you liked the video; i wish i could have been as eloquent in it as in the written version, but i don't mind it so much. and if i look pained at times, it's because i was attacked by a horrible coughing fit! (that's why the video is a so cut up)


Emma Louise said...

I have this book firmly on my wishlist! I didn't know your work would be featured, but thats an extra bonus :) I bought a few copies of amelia's magazine when it was out, and they're more like beautiful books, think it's great she's brought out a book of illustration.

Emma :)

1000 Cats said...

Congratulations :) It looks really wonderful!

Denise Scicluna said...


Claire said...

just to say i LOVE your illustrations! and showed your pages from amelia's in a recent virtual coffee blog post - a favourite book of mine :)

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