Tuesday, October 19, 2010

consolation prizes

i found quite a collection of beautiful things on my trip. arctic cloudberry liqueur and marimekko from finland, dala horses from sweden, norwegian wool. i love wonderful objects. i surround myself with friendly items and books the way i do with wonderful people. they all come through and save me in moments of sorrow and despair.


Shurupchik said...

и книжка про медведЕй)))

oladios said...

I love them all , especially
the yellow gloves and the book on the right side , beautiful gathering.

Katja said...

Oh a book by Lena Sjöberg, wonderful!

grossomodo said...

HI! Today I´ve recived the print I bought you on etsy, is beautiful! thank you!

p.strange said...

I've found through Grossomodo.
How beautiful everything!