Wednesday, July 7, 2010

izzy lane: cozy, ethical fashion from the yorkshire dales



three fashion illustrations for amelia's compendium of fashion illustration, which will be out later this year. my ethical designer of choice is izzy lane, a tasteful, yorkshire-based knitwear company. izzy lane's mission is to save sheep that "would have been sent to slaughter for being male, missing a pregnancy, being a little lame, being too small, being too old or having imperfections such as a black spot in a white fleece" and give them a happy home. in addition to supporting the ethical treatment of animals, izzy lane keeps the british textile industry alive, utilizing victorian machinery, as well as local spinners and dyers. i hope i make it into the book!

(the top two are available as prints in my shop)


Amy said...

Beautiful! Love the line work on the textiles and the pastoral backdrops.

Anonymous said...

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konvalia said...

It's absolutely goregeous. as always.

Anonymous said...

I have just found your blog and have been so in love with all your colors and lines. I can't stop looking at them. I am writing to tell you about an online magazine for children/parents of children - Small. Perhaps you know of it. Each issue they pick an illustrator to render a themed fashion shoot. I thought yours would be so nice since you give such detail to the clothing your figures wear. Here is an example of a previous issue using different illustrators

Hope to see you between the pages soon!
ps. I grew up in baltimore :)

yelena bryksenkova said...

oooh thanks so much! i will definitely look into it, because the magazine looks lovely. just the kind of thing i like. i may have heard of it before, but forgotten.

i really appreciate your comment :)

Daniella Germain said...

Wow. Your illustrations are so beautiful they almost made me cry!

yelena bryksenkova said...

thank you. as many others (i am sure), i am often struggling with insecurities about my work. so it's always a pleasure to receive such kind comments.


meghan said...

I am amazed by all of your wonderful work!

courtney vanessa arthur said...

absolutely beautiful drawings, yelena! i'm going to be living and working on a farm community in the uk (well, scotland) and this is pretty much how i'd like it to look!

flabbergastingly gorgeous!