Saturday, February 20, 2010


dries van noten coat, gabrialla rocha "neve" shoes

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Scott in Prague said...

Ms. Bryksenkoca, ahoj. I happened upon your Prague Blog after seeing a picture of your visa on Goggle... weird, eh? But I am glad to saw it, for it lead me to your Prague blog and then to this one as well. I found your Prague blog really great and your final post before leaving reminded me of my final post when I left my blog and Prague last March 09..only to return to live here in Prague last summer.... for as long as I live perhaps. Well, who knows. I have been here now for two years in May, after returning to the US for a breif respite to sell my home/car, etc and return.
Anyway, I digress... I just wanted to say, I have the same intense feelings of living in Prague as you did, I guess the only difference for now, is that I had the ability and life-timing to be able to return. I just wanted to say excellent TWO blogs.. I really like your Illustration blog as well and will continue to follow it, as I have put it on my homepage. Cheers and best regards
- Scott