Monday, August 31, 2009

eureka! (senior thesis)

i was desperately waiting for an idea to arrive the way it usually does - in a sudden flash of lightning - and of course, it did. i looked around my room, and the answer became so very obvious: my edward gorey covers, books, herbariums, postcards, letters, little special objects, sketchbooks filled with drawings of things i saw and things i dream of one day seeing, lists that i make, photographs, notebooks filled with favorite quotes and passages from books; these are things i surround myself with, because i am a born collector. i build my world around me with people, memories, ideas, and objects that make me happy. everything i own has meaning. i even wake up with a new "theme" that i think about every day, that i record with writing and drawing in a my new sketchbook that i started one month ago.

so that is what my senior thesis will be: a collection. each week, i will focus on a place that captures my imagination, either a place i have recently been to, a place i dream of seeing, or a place that i visited a long time ago that still haunts my memories. i will compose a collection for each - drawings of urban or natural landscapes, patterns, something from tradition, anecdotes, portraits, whatever. and since it will be so free of predetermined structure, it will not become tedious. i think this might work!

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