Wednesday, July 15, 2009

back in baltimore

hello again, friends. i am back from ohio (by the way, the cleveland museum of art is practically unrecognizable now; i can't wait until they finish it!), and preparing for the start of my senior year at MICA. i have yet to think of a theme for my thesis project (what will interest me for an entire year?), but i know that spending the last half year in the czech republic gave me a great deal of things to think about. one of the most important things i learned is to appreciate and take advantage of my surroundings every day. no, baltimore is not quite prague, but that doesn't mean that it deserves to be treated with any less wonder and fascination. i am lucky to live practically next door to the baltimore museum of art and only a short train ride away from washington, d.c. i vow to take advantage of as much as i can, while i can!

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