Friday, June 12, 2009

afternoon on a hill


i will be the gladdest thing
under the sun!
i will touch a hundred flowers
and not pick one.

i will look at cliffs and clouds
with quiet eyes,
watch the wind bow down the grass,
and the grass rise.

and when lights begin to show
up from the town,
i will mark which must be mine,
and then start down!

(edna st. vincent millay)
i might try this one again, with warmer colors, because it turned out a little bit cold, and i am not happy with something about it. i saw beautiful landscapes on the way to plzeň yesterday, and i should incorporate them into the illustration.


konvalia said...

oh, Yelena, it's absolutely wonderful!!!!!:)

jen brown said...


beccastadtlander said...

I love seeing the watercolor so loose...beautiful

asia komarova / said...

kakto etot risunok bolee naturalni chem tot. jenchina krasivei i tvoia ruka kakbutdo prosto letatla nad bumagoi.