Tuesday, May 13, 2008


this is the charming city of siegen, germany. this winter was my third time in siegen and every time, i am amazed by how agreeable it is. the houses all look like lego pieces. i will send this illustration to our nice friends there.


Anonymous said...

your paintings kick ass <3

Gorian Dope said...

Amazing work! Never take a look at my city in this way, wow!

Daniel Krall said...

Gorgeous use of color and space!

astrid said...

wow, i like all of your drawing!

Alena Köhler said...

That´s absolutely amazing! I live in Siegen! Just found your amazing work on Pinterest!
Could I use your picture in one of my blogposts by linking to your website?

Have a nice day;
Alena from Siegen (: